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Whenever You Play That Song - Huh Gak ft LE of EXID

Whenever You Play That Song
Huh Gak ft LE of EXID
I followed that song onto the street and walked That familiar song that is playing from somewhere I closed my eyes and blankly stood there and opened my ears It was that song that we used to listen to together
Every time you played that song I didn't want to listen so I complained You joked around with me and when I scrunched up my face You looked at me and laughed I really hated that song but Now it binds me tightly to this place I continue to stand here blankly And I keep drawing up the image of you laughing in my heart
Whenever that song is played, whenever I walk these streets Memories dig into my heart and torture me No matter how much I block my ears and shout Like a fool, I blankly stand here
I thought that I forgot everything, I thought that it was nothing Before I walked on these streets again Before this song held onto my ankles The faded memories are shaking Tears keep falling and my heart grows weak It turns my eyes tow…