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LeeSSang - Pursuing The Happiness

Pursuing The HappinessLeeSSang
After waking up at 3pm, my body is heavy - I did a lot last night
Recorded for 20 hours, haven't really eaten properly and insides are burning out
It's okay, the track turned out well, my passion that I poured out in this tiny space
Soon it will bring me fame and money, as it always has
So I can't rest, not a day, not a minute, if a great song is produced
Even if my body wastes away, I don't care, even if I get a mental disease
If a good track is produced, I don't care if I go crazy
The legend of this era, the acknowledgement of everyone, the "Big Brother" of music
These words are far away from me but I scrunch up and write lyrics all night
I open my own door of happiness

On my pursuit of happiness, I flew for a long time
So all the shrunken things can put on a smile
On my pursuit of happiness, I endured for a long time
So that someday, everything will shine

Even if sometimes, everything disappears like the beginning (disapp…