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Sparkling ☆

I don't know but I feel everyone around me is sparkling so brightly. While I'm here just standing outside the line. Seem pessimistic, don't I? Not really actually. I just feel like surrounded by so amazing people yet l'm just the ordinary one. I'm so proud of them and I'm so grateful having them as my friends. Yup, they're sparkling so brightly in ways they've chosen. With all the efforts they've been done too. Compared to them, I'm still standing here and I haven't done anything yet. So, it's normal actually for me to get nothing. Slow but sure (Inshaa Allah), I'm going there. It has just began, the efforts I mean. Wish me luck! I wanna be sparkling so brightly in way I've chosen. I wanna be in spotlights too. Wish me luck again! See you guys on top ;)