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The Pursuit of Happiness

Compared with misery, happiness is relatively unexplored terrain for social scientists. Between 1967 and 1994, 46,380 articles indexed in Psychological Abstracts mentioned depression, 36,851 anxiety, and 5,099 anger. Only 2,389 spoke of happiness, 2,340 life satisfaction, and 405 joy.  The researchers have uncovered some surprising findings. People are happier than one might expect, and happiness does not appear to depend significantly on external circumstances . Although viewing life as a tragedy has a long and honorable history, the responses of random samples of people around the world about happiness paints a much rosier picture. How can social scientists measure something as hard to pin down as happiness? Most researchers simply ask people to report their feelings of happiness or unhappiness and to assess how satisfying their lives are. Such self-reported well-being is moderately consistent over years of retesting. Furthermore, those who say they are happy and satisfied s

My Sister is Getting Married

Yes, my sister is getting married this Sunday. All the preparations here mostly done by Mom. I'm helping the preparations too. It's busy and there are so many little things to take care of. It will be more hectic as the Day getting nearer. I hope all the preparations and the Day will do well. Aamiin. I'm currently starting to focus on study IELTS. I hope that I can take a test around August and the result will be as I expected. Aamiin. Actually I'm a little bit confused about romance and career. The first one probably because my sister and my friends are getting married. The latter is because my contract end in May and I don't know what to do. The company want to extend my contract, but I'm confused. I hope that I will find the answers soon. Aamiin. Well, this will be an update for February :)