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Sayuri - Mikazuki

Mikazuki (Crescent Moon) Sayuri OST. Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Romanization Koyoi mo zujou de wa kirei na mangetsu ga kirakira  Shiawasesou ni sekai wo terashiteiru  Tou no watashi wa dekisokonai de dou shiyou mo nakute  Yoake yume mite wa jibeta haizuri mawatteru Sore de mo dareka ni mitsukete hoshikute  Yozora miagete sakendeiru  Nigedashitai naa nigedasenai  Akarui mirai ga mienai, nee  Sore de mo anata ni mitsukete hoshikute  Chou no you ni maiagaru no  Kaketa tsubasa de tonda   Minikui hoshi no ko mikazuki

My Sister has Married

Finally, My Sister has married on February, 21st 2016. The Ijab qobul was done at my house. The reception was held one hour afterward. The reception took place in the sub-district hall, about 100 m from my house. More or less, the reception was quite successful. There will be another reception in her husband hometown in Majene, West Sulawesi on March, 12th 2016. Before the Day, things were too hectic and too many people. I less liked it. The good and the bad point was you met almost all of your relatives. Yap, maybe I was a weirdo. I don't wanna say anything about it anymore. Enough giving me motivation to arrange more well-arranged wedding reception. Not to mention to start saving some money for it. Wedding reception is damn expensive! Thanks God, it's only happen once in a life time (aamiin).. Here are the picture of us.. Congratulations Sis.. lil Bro, Sis, Mom and Me *I know I looked weird*